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San Francisco Telegrams

We are stoked to expand our spandex empire into the great cities of San Francisco and San Jose. If you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary or just want to show how much you love someone, give us a call and we’ll deliver an unforgettable singing telegram. #sanfranciscosingingtelegrams

Now rocking San Francisco with epic rockstar singing telegrams!


Hello San Diego

Hello beautiful San Diego, California. We are so excited to be rockin in your great city.

Saying Farewell With a Singing Telegram

There is no better way to say thank you and we will miss you than with a rockstar singing telegram. We do the best retirement telegrams and we love to rock.

Woman Gets 4 Singing Telegrams in One Day

This was one of my favorite singing telegrams ever. I was hired to sing for the wife of a very creative man for her retirement. I showed up in different costumes at 10, noon, 2 and 4. It was an epic performance and gift.  Enjoy the video.

The Perfect Length of a Singing Telegram?

There are some terrible singing telegram performances out there. Some of the worst I have seen are when a performance lasts over 20 minutes while people need to get back to work. Everyone is looking at each other like “is this guy/gal serious?” “When will this end” “We need to get back to work here.”  I think the perfect length is about 7-12 minutes depending on the setting and situation. I believe a great performance leaves the audience wanting more.  As singing telegram artists, we also need to understand that the performance is not all about us. People don’t want to hear how great you can sing 20 verses of Freebird and Stairway to Heaven.  It’s all about the person we’re singing for. So let’s get our egos out of the way and make it a fun and memorable experience that won’t ruin someone’s lunch hour.


When Los Angeles Singing Telegrams Backfire

Once in a while a singing telegram can backfire if the recipient is just too embarrassed or more commonly it’s a guy trying to win back his ex-wife or girlfriend. Don’t fret, that’s when the artist must overcome the threatening glare or shoe throwing with diplomacy and care.  We’ve never seen a singing telegram win back someone, but it’s always worth a try. Rock on.


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© 2021 by Rockstar Singing Telegrams LLC

Privacy Policy  |  Designed by Arise2 Consulting

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